The End of Swarovski Crystals

 We want to share an important update regarding our usage of Swarovski crystals.


The distribution of Swarovski crystal components is ending worldwide. Swarovski is changing the easy access to their products and brand. This change affects almost everyone, from the DIY crystal users to business users. Starting 10/01/2021, they stopped distributing to resellers of Swarovski crystals.

To lead their luxury brand, Swarovski will supply its crystals to a select number of businesses in the high-end and luxury market. They are moving away from the easily accessible label.

The selected few luxury businesses must go through an approval by application process led by Swarovski. If approved, they must then agree to sign a strict legal brand control agreement. They will not be allowed to market, advertise, or label their product with any reference or connection to the Swarovski brand name or the crystals origin, example “made in Austria”.   

If we are accepted as a bikini manufacturer, we would no longer be able to honestly explain to our clients that we use Swarovski brand rhinestones and crystals. Our crystal supply would have to be kept a mystery to all of you.

The past 5 years, we have used a mixture of rhinestone brands; Swarovski, Preciosa Viva and Hot Press Czech rhinestones, for a budget friendly option. As we continue without the Swarovski brand, we guarantee the use of the best quality rhinestones on the market for your stage experience.


Thank you for your understanding and loyalty as a Saleyla customer. We are committed to creating your perfect custom suit leading to your success!


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