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You've reached Saleyla Behind The Scenes.

Here, you will meet our team. We will guide you through our workflows. They cover creativity and making the bikinis by hand.

If you ever wonder how are those competition bikinis made, come and say hello and we will show you around!

We create custom bikinis for your fitness competition day from our location in Las Vegas, NV.

Who am I?



I am Silvia. I was born with a gift. I knew what I wanted at a very young age.

I wanted to become a fashion designer. I started patternmaking & sewing when I was 14 years old. I am a 100% self-taught clothing designer.

In 2007, I started selling online. I was sewing casual clothing and selling it on Etsy.

One day, someone referred me as a suitmaker to a lady from Arizona. She ordered a suit with her measurements via email. I felt surprised. I thought, how can someone order a custom-made swimsuit through email? What about the fit? How can she trust me to sew it for her?

Well, I was wrong. People were very open to ordering online because it was easier.

When I made her figure suit, I took a photo, and for fun, I posted it in my Etsy shop.

One week later, I sold the same design to another client. She also put her measurements online. And then, I started making more designs, taking pictures on the mannequin and listing on Etsy.

It has been 17 years. Saleyla has grown a lot. We have grown into a small business. We put a great effort into making original designs.

I've been very fortunate to work with very talented designers. We are a small team of designers, seamstresses, and managers.

Saleyla Team



Creating humorous behind-the-scenes videos turns our work into play.



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Most of our customers are from referrals. 2 years ago, we started making short videos with FAQs, or any message that we want to share with our clients.

We also have custom appointments with clients. We measure and tell them on the perfect color and fit. Here is a fun way to measure 👇


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We get asked this question a lot- How long doers it take to make a competition suit? And the answer is: it depends on the design- somewhere between 2 hours - 12 hours.

We give our local customers special attention. The clients that come to our shop, get measured in person. They can try on different colors and see what looks best on them.


The best part is that they can get adjustments in the week before the show. And they love it!

So, how do we create the competition suits?

They are handmade. When we get the order, it has a specific design. We also have the customer's measurements and style details. Here is our workflow:

  1. We cut the fabric to the measurements and style/cut.

  2. We sew the plain suit and we add connectors and details. Some details might be hand-sewn.

  3. Our designers place the suit on the rhinestone table and apply the crystals.

  4. Once workers complete the suit, they place it on the packing table.

  5. The examiner is examining the suit, cleaning it, and adding padding.

  6. The suit is being packed and shipped to the customer. We all say: "Bon Voyage"🖐

Behind the scenes at Saleyla


Our team can create an illustration of your dream competition suit. We can bring your vision to life. With each design, we offer progress photos of your creations. We could make everything for you.


Your custom competition sui

We offer a Free Online Consultation. The store manager would suggest which top style to choose or which bottom cut is best for you. We can also suggest the  color for your competition bikini and what will be best for your skin tone.

Here are some links with helpful information about your suit cut.



And, when people ask What do you do for a living, here is my answer 😉


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Now, I am off to making some funny videos, because we love it so much!

Enjoy The Journey of Competing and Thank you for choosing Saleyla Competition Suits!