Bikini Bite Roll- on by Pro Tan, 3 oz No Slip Suit Fastener with superior holding power. Easy...
Color: Crystal clear rhinestones Set Includes: 10-Row Stretch Bracelet 7-Row Stretch Bracelet Draping Crystal Lines Earrings- 4 1/4"L...
Increase your cup size with invisible gel inserts 1. Material: silicone 2 . Size: 3 3/4" width 3....
Double-sided Tape for Figure Competition Suits Helps to adhere sides higher to the waist.
Bright Pink Competition Bikini Travel Case, perfect for storing your bikini, jewelry or underwear. - Rhinestone flower detail...
Color: Silver, crystal clear rhinestones Size: 2 lines, stretchable
Color: Silver, Crystal Clear Rhinestones Size: 3/4" Wide, Stretchable band
Color: Silver, crystal AB rhinestones Size: 1" wide, stretchable band
Color: Silver, Crystal clear rhinestones Size: 1/2" Wide, Stretchable
Color: Silver, Crystal Clear rhinestones Size: 1" Wide, Stretchable band
Color: Silver-Plated, Crystal Clear Rhinestones Size: 0.75" W, 3.5" L
Color: Silver Plated, Crystal Clear Rhinestones Size: 1" Wide, Stretchable band