Increase your cup size with invisible gel inserts or cloth pad inserts.- Material: silicone/cloth - Size: 3 3/4"...
Double-sided Tape for Figure Competition Suits- Helps to adhere sides higher to the waist.
The perfect set of essentials for show day! - Bikini Travel Case - Gel pads  - Bikini Bite  - Figure Bite...
Color: Crystal clear rhinestones Set Includes: 10-Row Stretch Bracelet8-Row Stretch Bracelet Draping Crystal Lines Earrings- 4 1/4"LCrystal Clear...
Pink & Black Competition Bikini Travel Case, perfect for storing your bikini, jewelry or under garments.- Zipper closure...
Color: Crystal AB rhinestones Set Includes: 10-row Stretch Bracelet5-row stretch BraceletStraight Fringe Earrings- Crystal AB- 3.25"L Multi-row Crystal Ring
Available in Crystal AB, Crystal Clear, Gold AB, Gold Clear Color: Silver, Gold Size: 1/2" Wide, Stretchable
Color: Crystal clear rhinestones, AB rhinestones Size: Stretchable, 0.50"H
Available in Crystal AB, Crystal Clear, Gold AB Color: Silver, Gold Size: 3/4" Wide, Stretchable band
Color : Rhodium Size : 1" H
Color : Rhodium and clear/AB / Gold with clear rhinestonesSize : 0.6" H Stretchable
Available in Crystal AB, Crystal Clear, Gold Clear Color: Silver plated, Gold Size: 1" wide, Stretchable band