Hey there, fitness fashionistas and bodybuilding beauties!

Ready to dive into the world of competition bikinis, where color isn't just a choice—it's a strategy? Buckle up, because we're about to take a vibrant tour through the top 4 competition bikini colors of 2023 that are guaranteed to make you shine brighter than a disco ball on stage.

Whether you're all about bold blues or radiant reds, this guide will help you pick the perfect hue to complement not just your physique, but also your winning personality.

Choosing the right competition bikini color is crucial, not just for style, but for how it complements and contrasts with your physique, highlighting your hard work and dedication. Today, we'll explore why colors like Blue, Red, Green, and Purple are not just popular, but strategically advantageous in bikini competitions.

Stay with eye-catching, bold colors, but not too bright to where it takes away from the physique you have worked so hard on. Remember, stage lighting will make every suit look brighter than under normal light.


Blue Competition Bikini

Blue competition bikinis, renowned for their serene yet powerful presence, are a top choice in bikini fitness competitions. Whether it's a Royal Blue Hologram Spandex or a deeper Blue Mystique Spandex, blue suits offer a stunning contrast against various skin tones, enhancing your muscular definition.

Blue Competition Bikini

She is stunning in Saleyla Vibrant Sapphire Bikini Suit!

Blue competition bikini can be made in various of shades such as turquoise blue, royal blue, navy blue or midnight blue. Check out some of our selection here.

For competitors in divisions like NPC bikini or Wellness bikini, a blue suit can be a game-changer, striking the perfect balance between elegance and athleticism.


Red Competition Bikini

Red, the color of passion and strength, is a perennial favorite in the world of bodybuilding bikinis. Fabrics like Red Metallic Spandex or the shimmering Red Hologram Spandex, make a bold statement on stage.

The vividness of red provides an excellent contrast, especially under the bright stage lights, ensuring that your physique is displayed to its utmost potential.

Red Figure Competition Suit

Natasha @_natashanicole_ is rocking the stage in a Fiery Red Figure Competition Suit from Our Special Request Collection.

Competition bikinis that are fully crystallized in red and red AB colored rhinestones give the most sparkle under stage lights.

Red bikinis are stunning on both brunettes and blondes. Explore our range of vibrant red bikinis here.


Green Competition Bikini

Green competition bikinis bring a touch of nature's vitality to the stage. From the deep tones of Dark Green Metallic Spandex to the vibrant Emerald Green Shattered Glass Spandex, green suits reflect a sense of growth and vitality.

Their natural hues offer a unique contrast that can accentuate muscle tone and skin complexion, making them a brilliant choice for competitors.

Deep Green Wellness Bikini

She won 1st place wearing a Deep Green Wellness Bikini!

Green competition bikinis look amazing on brunettes or dark haired competitors. If you have green eyes, the color would pop and accentuate your beauty.


Purple Competition Bikini

Purple competition bikinis, ranging from Lavender Mystique to Deep Eggplant Metallic Spandex, carry a regal and luxurious aura.

This color is particularly effective for competitors who want to stand out with a sophisticated yet powerful appearance. Purple suits are excellent for creating a striking contrast, highlighting the hard work and dedication of athletes in bikini fitness competitions.

Purple Competition Bikini

She looks stunning in Our Deep Eggplant Competition Bikini!

The shade of purple complements both brunette and blonde hair beautifully. Check our purple suits selection here.


While these guidelines offer a colorful starting point, remember, the ultimate choice in a competition bikini should resonate with your personal flair and confidence.

What color makes you feel like the queen or princess of the stage?

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Check our collection at Saleyla and pick a color that says, 'Yes, I'm here to win, but I'm also here to have a blast!'

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