Let’s face it, fitness competition are tough. After the countless hours you have poured your heart and soul into your training, you could potentially walk off the stage empty-handed—and that is a difficult pill to swallow. Competition training is a huge personal investment and takes true dedication—that’s why our biggest word of advice is to not let your place in the line-up dictate how you feel about yourself at the end of a competition. Remember to stay positive before, during and after a competition with these 5 simple survival tips:

  • 1. No training or contest prep was every worthless. Regardless of what you place at the end of a competition, you will always benefit physically and emotionally from the countless hours of hard work you have put in to even make it to the stage.
  • 2. Be happy! Yes, we understand that the weeks leading up to your competition are the toughest and you may feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster. Remember that if you keep your emotions in check before your show, your attitude will reflect this on stage. The calmer you are emotionally, the happier you will be!
  • 3. Take pride in having the discipline to complete show prep—it is a BIG deal and takes a ton of confidence to get on that stage! Now, you are the exact result of that hard work. All of your hard work is clearly reflected in your progress and stage photos. Put plain and simple: You are a walking, living and breathing trophy! Show your best in your gorgeous competition bikini!
  • 4. Whether it is your first competition or you are a ten-show veteran, remember the people that you have motivated and inspired throughout your training journey. That, my friends, is more important than any prize.
  • 5. Last but certainly the most important, have FUN! You have worked and trained so hard—it’s time to trust the work you have put in and let the rest fall into place.

Happy Competing from Saleyla team!