A Closer Look at the Impressive New Wellness Division Suits

Competing in Wellness?

Hi Wellness competitors, we want to cover some tips and tricks for the New wellness competition bikinis. 

But to make it more fun and convenient for you to learn, we are replacing words with videos.

Suits colors must complement your body, the cut and style should fit perfectly, and the more bling the better.

Saleyla custom-made wellness competition bikinis are made to order to complement your body. Our goal is to provide the perfect cut for you!

When choosing your competition bikini bottom cut, the most crucial thing to do first is to check the rules and regulations of your show.

As a Wellness bikini competitor, a bikini bottom that fits well, and fits perfectly on your body can help you create the desired look and perfect proportions.

Check out this video on How to wear your wellness bikini bottom. 

Rhinestone connectors can be added to the bottom sides. Bottom styles with or without connectors are fine, just make sure the hip straps are pulled higher on your hip. If the bottom does not have connectors, the fabric should be rhinestoned.

Should I do rhinestone connectors on the hips? Yes or No. Check out this video

For the top style, some of the wellness competitors are choosing to wear an underwire bra. There are several top styles that you can choose from, feel free to check all the styles here.

Here is a sneak peek of the underwire top style

A wellness bikini bottom cut is also really important for the overall look of your glutes. It is becoming obvious that a smaller bottom cut makes the glutes look rounder and fuller. Make sure you always check with the regulations when choosing your bottom style.

If you want to learn more about wellness bikini bottoms cuts, check this post

In conclusion, Wellness bikinis stand out if they are:

  • Great color
  • Perfect fit
  • Fully blinged

Get ready to step on stage & wear Saleyla Wellness Bikinis to shine like a star! Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Happy competing!