You’ve chosen your favorite fabric, you’ve taken your measurements, now it’s time to add some BLING to your favorite Saleyla suit! What better way than adding rhinestone connectors?

Rhinestone connectors are made from silver or gold plated chain with rhinestones in different colors. Most of the bikini competition suits you will find at Saleyla have rhinestone connectors ranging in all different colors, sizes, and shapes! We are constantly updating and expanding our inventory of connector options and keeping up with the latest trends in bikini and figure competition suits. We encourage you to check out our Pinterest page to keep up with our newest additions!

The opportunities to add connectors are endless when it comes to customizing your competition suit. You can add connectors on the straps at your neckline, between your top, on the side of your hips, and even your back.

Here are a few examples of the popular connector choices here at Saleyla:

Center Bra Connector:

Our center bra connectors are added to create a little bit of extra bling to the top. For smaller breasts, we suggest choosing a shorter center connector as we can then sew the bra cups closer together to create more cleavage. For larger breasts, the options are a bit more open as you are able to choose between long or short center bra connectors.

Hanging Hips Connectors:

Here at Saleyla, we have a few different options when it comes to Hanging Hip Connectors. We have double or triple strand hanging connectors and more! Hanging hip connectors are great for square hips to create the illusion of a curve.

Straight Hip Connectors:

Straight Rhinestone Hip Connectors are great for the clients who are interested in accentuating the length and definition of their legs. This hip connector option is also great for clients who want to create more of a “V” shaped bottom design to ride higher on the hips.

Back Connectors:

Last but not least, Saleyla offers multiple back connector options to add that extra bit of bling to your suit! We offer both straight and dangling back connectors. Straight back connectors look sleek and add some extra sparkle to the suit when turning to pose! Dangling connectors are a slightly more intricate. We do not recommend adding these connectors if your suit design is already fully rhinestoned or elaborate, as it may look too busy.

Adding rhinestone connectors is completely optional, but you may want to consider them for some added shine to your suit! There are many different connector styles, so it is important to choose a style that will complement your suit design. When creating your suit with Saleyla, you have full access to our assistance in selecting the best connector choice!