Stepping onto the bikini stage demands grace, precision, and a showcase of your finely sculpted physique. Central to this experience is your bikini competition suit – an elegant outfit crafted with attention to detail and intricate design.


Dreaming of your bikini suits emanating the same sparkly shine as the one showcased above, even after numerous washes to eliminate dirt and residues? Look no further-here's a comprehensive guide to achieve just that.


Necessary items for cleansing :

  • Sink 
  • Cold  Water
  • Towel /Cloth                                          
  • Mild Detergent (Woolite)
  • Brush/Toothbrush  

      Preparatory Measures: Before you start cleaning, there are important steps to take to ensure your bikini competition suits last longer:

      1. Quick Rinse: Following each stage appearance, immerse your attire in a bath of chilled water to dispel the lingering residues of tanning agents, sweat and any extraneous impurities.
      2.  Protecting Colors: Avoid exposing your suit to strong sunlight or high temperatures, as these can damage the fabric and embellishments.
      3. Gentle Handling:  Opt for hand washing instead of using a machine, as your suit deserves a more personal touch.                                 

      Cleaning Process : Cleaning your competition bikini suits by hand ensures gentle care and helps maintain their delicate design. Video to guide you for cleaning process is showcased below.

      Step 1 : Open the sink faucet allowing a gentle stream of cold water to flow. Carefully hold your bikini suit under the running water, ensuring it's evenly wetted. Remember, excessive soaking can harm the delicate fabric, so keep it brief.

      Step 2 : Do not use harsh detergents or bleach, as these can damage the fabric of your bikini suits . Instead, use a gentle detergent like Woolite which is specially designed for delicate fabrics. Use cloth ,brush or sponge to apply Woolite on bikini suits.

      Step 3 : Gently agitate the water around the suit, but avoid scrubbing or wringing the fabric, as this could cause damage. Rinse the suit thoroughly with cold water until all the dirt and detergent is gone. 

      Step 4 :Never soak your suit ,but if you do, the glue on your bikini suits turns white . Hang them  to dry will help the glue clear up and return to its original color.  Delicately hang your suit on a hanger to air dry. Make sure it's in a well-ventilated space, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This gentle drying method helps maintain the suit's shape and fabric integrity, ensuring it's ready for your next competition appearance.

      Hurray, Your  bikini suit is freshly washed, and you are set to shine on stage again! With a gleaming bikini and confidence ablaze, You  are ready to own the stage once more.


      Your competition bikini suits deserve the same level of care and attention as you dedicate to your training and preparation. By following these steps to wash and care for your bikini suits, you can ensure that they remain vibrant, well-fitted, and ready for your next competition. Treating your competition bikini suits with care reflects your dedication to excellence and honors the journey you've undertaken in your sport.

      Happy Competing!

      Saleyla Team