When is the best time to order a custom made suit for my future competition? No worries, we can help! If you have already purchased a suit from Saleyla, you know that our turnaround time is 7 business days plus shipping time. Even though our suits are done in a quick matter, our designer usually suggests that you order 4-6 weeks prior to show day just in case you want to make any changes to your custom made suit. Our designer team always takes in mind that your body is changing, especially during the preparation for your future fitness competition. We are going to project your future measurements based on the information you provide on your order. A helpful tip while purchasing on Saleyla is letting us know your projected weight goal through our special instructions box.


You do not necessarily have to order 4-6 weeks prior to your show day; Saleyla just recommends doing so because we offer free alterations before your competition date. In case that your suit will not fit right, you can always ship it back to us right away. We ask that you provide us with a note describing what you would like to have fixed to your custom made suit. Once we receive your suit, we will make sure to work on it right away. We want to make sure that your suit fits you the way you would like before you hit the stage!

Happy Competing!

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