Amethyst AB Competition Bikini

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By Saleyla

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Molded Push-up Triangle

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Rio Pro(5.0" - 5.5")
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Special Request Amethyst AB Competition Bikini.

Crafted from deep eggplant metallic spandex, this suit is a treasure, gleaming with the mystery and majesty of twilight hues.

Key Features:

  • Royal Fabric: The deep eggplant metallic spandex embodies the richness of an amethyst stone, offering a luxurious backdrop for your stage appearance.
  • Exquisite Fit: Our molded triangle top and V-cut bottom are engineered with precise hook fastenings, providing a custom-fit feel that accentuates your form with grace.
  • Lavish Embellishments: Encrusted with a royal array of amethyst AB and scarabaeus green rhinestones, this bikini shimmers with an enchanting spectrum of colors, reminiscent of precious jewels.
  • Tailored for the Spotlight: The Rio Pro back coverage is meticulously designed to meet the standards of top organizations like NPC, IFBB, WBFF, OCB, and Muscle and Fitness Contests, ensuring that you compete with confidence.

Why Our Bikini is the Crown Jewel:

  • Fit for the Elite: Whether gracing a local show or a grand international competition, this bikini is suited for the competitor who commands attention with every pose.
  • Elegance in Motion: The double crystal clear rhinestone connectors catch the light with your every movement, creating a dazzling display of beauty and ambition.
  • Uncompromising Quality: Created for those who dare to dream big, this bikini is a testament to your dedication to the sport, designed to be as resilient and bold as your spirit.

Step Up as the Epitome of Elegance

Embrace the stage with our Amethyst AB Competition Bikini and ascend the throne of victory. This is not just a piece of competition wear; it's a symbol of your perseverance, ready to shine as brilliantly as you do on the most prestigious stages.