Hey, let's talk about posing bikini...

Have you heard of custom prints that could make you smile?

Do you remember when you wore this cute outfit and your mood immediately lifted?

It happens to me, yes! - all day and every day. So, i jump in my cutest bikini and i feel beautifully awesome. That's why i created those custom prints, so you feel beautiful as well.

Plus, hitting your bikini pose every day will strengthen your posing.

But people often ask: "Can i wear my bikini at the beach or pool?"

And we answer...

✅  Wear at the beach or pool

✅  Wear during competition prep - improves posing routine

✅  Wear during posing routine for NPC, IFBB, any Fitness Contest

✅  Wear anytime or if you have cravings- improves mood & makes you happy


Let's dive in

1) 🍑 Sweet Peaches Posing Bikini or Peach Emoji Bikini

Are you ready to show your round, fleshy, orange peach booty?


You've been working so hard shaping the glutes, training for hours to build the largest muscle group in the body, and Saleyla Sweet Peaches Bikini will show off your progress.

2) 🌮 Tacos Princess Posing Practice Bikini

Do You Love Tacos?



3) ☕️ Coffee Lover Practice Posing Suit

Coffee First. Workout Later. 

Don't tell your trainer!



4) 🥑 Avocado Posing Bikini



5) 🍣 Sushi Print Posing Bikini

This is how i roll 😉 She says...

Maren @ninjamrn is wearing Saleyla Sushi Print Posing Figure Bikini


Looking for a bikini competition suit or posing bikini?

We can design posing bikinis for any division - Figure, Wellness, Bikini, Women's Physique or Swimwear.

The bottom back can be made in any Micro Rio, Rio Pro, Rio, Moderate or Full. Check out our guide here.

Are you ready to practice posing? Or go to a pool party?

Then, here is where you need to stop by first.

See ya there!