You can buy figure suits online or from local stores. However, they are expensive. So, why not rent one instead?


Fitness competitors use figure suits to present the perfect body proportion and muscle mass on stage during the competition. 

 I'd love to share my knowledge & experience on renting figure suits.

 But first, I am Silvia, founder of Saleyla. My team has been creating custom competition bikinis since 2008.

 I call the process- SIMPLE. But it is not.

All bikinis are handmade. Made-to-your-size competition suits take hours to make.


  1. Clients Measurements (received)
  2. Cut
  3. Sew
  4. Add connectors
  5. Design Rhinestones
  6.  Ship

 When buying a figure suit, you will receive a brand new suit. You can choose your color, design, style & connectors. Would this be something that you deserve? After hours of hard work during competition prep, maybe your reward is your beautiful custom competition suit.


 Buy Figure Suit                                     Rent Figure Suit

 ✅ Made for you                                     General Sizing        

 ✅ Brand New                                         Used

 ✅ $200- $500                                        $150- $200


Do you wonder if it is sanitary to rent a suit?

Some companies state that they are triple washed and in perfect condition. It could be true. I will not argue. 

 We receive alterations of bikini bottoms-unwashed because most people don't know how to treat the product.

 Have you rented a luxury swimsuit or underwear before? The use is the same- you are renting someone's bikini. 

 If you decide to rent, you save $50- $100. Is it worth it? 

 I am not trying to tell you not to rent your suit. All I suggest is to

consider all details before making a decision. 

 We offer a large selection of figure suits at affordable prices. 


Drop us a line 

when you are ready to customize your suit😉

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