Are you ready to compete in your next fitness competition? 

Look your best on stage with our guide on choosing the perfect bikini bottom cut. 

When it comes to competing in a bikini competition, having the perfect bottom cut can make all the difference. Choosing the right cut for your body type and personal style can help you to look and feel your best on stage.

When choosing your competition bikini bottom cut, the MOST important thing to do first is to check the rules and regulations of your show. Organizations such as NPC, IFBB, WBFF, and NABBA have their own rules for bikini cuts. 

Competition bikini trends change, and lately, the high bikini cut is preferred by many competitors. As for the bottom back coverage, it is becoming obvious that a smaller bottom cut makes the glutes look rounder and fuller.

As a bikini competitor, having rounder glutes can help you look better in your competition bikini. A bikini bottom that fits well and shows off your glutes can help you create the desired look on stage.

At Saleyla, we offer 5 bikini bottom cuts to help you achieve the perfect look.

Competition Bikini Bottom Cuts

  • Micro Cut 

Micro Competition Bikini Bottom Cut
  • Rio Pro Cut

Rio Pro Competition Bikini Bottom Cut
  • Rio Cut

Rio Competition Bikini Bottom Cut
  • Moderate

Moderate Competition Bikini Back Cut
  • Full 

Full Competition Bikini Bottom Back Coverage


    At Saleyla, our goal is to help customers look their best on stage and achieve their fitness goals.

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    Make sure your bikini bottom cut is on point with the latest trends! 

    Check out our new video to see how to choose the perfect bikini bottom cut for you. 

    Most Preferred Bikini Bottom Cuts

    In conclusion, when it comes to competition bikini bottoms, the most important thing is to find a cut that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

    And, with Saleyla you'll have many options to choose from, with the best quality.

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    Happy Competing!