Entering a fitness competition this year?

A Bikini competitor needs a bikini.

You will need to pick your suit color, and if you are like me, you love black. 

Like most women, I feel comfortable wearing black, and it also makes me look thinner, by giving this sleek & sophisticated look.

So, I went to this local store Saleyla, and I told them that I really like black color. 

My trainer and posing coach advised me Not to order a black competition bikini.

So, why not Black? 

And this is what I found out...

The designer explained to me, that I can use black fabric and brighten my suit color with some lighter shades of rhinestones. Check the video below

So, basically, you can use black fabric as a background for your competition suit design and then add blue, green, or any color rhinestones. This will brighten the overall look but still keeps it dark, as the base is black. 

And another tip is that tanning won’t damage your color fabric, this way I can preserve my suit and wear it for the next show.

I wish I’d known this, and now I can still wear black, but covered with Emerald AB rhinestones. 

The deepest shade will make me look better on stage,  and it will add some emerald green sparkle to it.

This design was my final choice and now it’s time to rock the stage!

Thanks for reading!