If you're a bodybuilder competing in NPC competitions, you know that having the right posing trunks is essential. Your trunks should fit snugly and be made from a four-way stretch fabric to show off your physique in the best possible light. But with so many different types of NPC bodybuilding posing trunks on the market, how do you know which ones are right for you?

In this blog post, we'll help you choose the best NPC bodybuilding posing trunks for your body type and competition goals. We'll also discuss how to care for your trunks to keep them looking their best.

These specialized trunks provide a snug fit that not only flatters your physique but also stays secure against sweat and movement. It's important to find the right pair for your unique body type for optimal performance on stage. 

The first step to finding the perfect pose trunks is to measure your waist and hip circumference. Make sure to get accurate measurements for your garments since bodybuilding posing trunks should fit snuggly against the body.

Use a tape measure or ask a friend to help you get the most accurate measurement of the two most important areas - waist and hips.

Here is a quick chart to see which size is right for you!


  Waist Hips
S 28”- 30”/ 71cm- 76cm 35”- 37”/ 89cm- 94cm
M 32”- 34”/ 81cm- 86cm 38”- 40”/ 96cm- 102cm
L 36”- 38”/ 91cm- 96cm 42”- 44”/ 107cm- 112cm


When choosing the ideal NPC Bodybuilding Posing Trunks for you, cut should be one of the first factors considered.

You want a trunk that follows the contours of your body and allows for optimal freedom of movement on stage.

Trunks are made from 4-way stretch fabrics, they are low waist cut, and our best style measures 3" width at the side.

NPC Classic Physique Trunks made from Black Satin Spandex


NPC Classic Physique Trunks


NPC Classic Physique Trunks made from Anaconda Metallic Spandex


Anaconda Metallic NPC Classic Physique Trunks


And @vanillagorilla.jr wering Gold Anaconda Trunks


To wash your NPC bodybuilding posing trunks, we recommend machine cold water and lay flat to dry.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener on your NPC bodybuilding posing trunks, as these can damage the fabric and shorten the lifespan of your trunks.

  • Do not put your trunks in the dryer, as this can also damage the fabric.


Browse our variety of NPC Bodybuilding Trunks here.

I hope this blog post has been helpful. Now get out there and show off your amazing physique!