Did you know that if you enter a bikini competition this season, you will be in your best body shape? 

Not just physical change, but mentally challenging yourself is one of the best “medicine” for your mind & soul.

Bikini competition season 2023 is here. Time to get in shape!

The usual prep time for the bikini competition starts 12 weeks out. 

It’s simple.

Start training.

Hire a trainer/posing coach.

Follow a nutrition plan.

Train hard and follow the diet plan.

Every time, you feel a negative emotion- slap yourself, smile, and stick to the plan.

You should meet twice a week with your trainer, more if you can afford it. 

Practice posing.

Keep going.

Not just the training, and nutrition plan, but also any bikini competitor must plan to order all the essentials for the stage. 

👉Competition Bikini (and/or Backup Suit)

👉Bikini Competition Heels

👉Competition Jewelry

👉Cover-up/ Robe

👉Bikini Glue- such as Bikini Bite

And Saleyla Team is here to help you through your planning of creating your competition bikini. 

The ordering process can start 4-5weeks before your competition.

Now, are you ready to start your bikini competition prep? 😉

P.S. We can't wait to see a similar photo to this below 👇