So you finally have your beautiful competition suit in your hands, time to simply slip it on and walk on stage, right? You’d think so, but there are certain ways the suit should be worn in order to ensure it fully flatters your hard-earned physique! Bikini and figure suits are not only created with different cuts, but are worn differently on the body.

When wearing your figure competition suit, you should have the hips straps hiked up as much as possible! For added security in ensuring the hip straps stay in place, use a double-sided tape, such as our Figure Bite. When the hip straps are worn higher, closer to the navel, it creates the appearance of a slim and lean torso. Wearing the hip straps higher also reduces chances of the straps digging in to your skin. The straps in the back should be crossed and attached to the back of the bottoms. Make sure the back straps are not too loose, or it will make the bottoms look saggy and may also cause your cups to lift and not stay in place.

Deep Burgundy Figure Competition Suit

The main difference between the way a figure suit and bikini suit should be worn involves the bottoms. The bottoms on a bikini suit are low-rise, they sit much lower on the hips than that of a figure suit. The bikini bottoms also have a scrunch on the back of the bottoms that allow the bottoms to sit in a flattering way on the glutes. The hip connectors should be snug, but not so much that they begin to dig in to your hips. Lately a lot of bikini competitors also pull the connector sides higher and it does look better and make legs appear longer. Keep posing in your bikini daily and adjust the side to a place where it looks great on your body.

Deep Eggplant Bikini Competition Suit

Happy Competing!

Saleyla team