We've compiled a list of our patterns & cuts to help you achieve a perfect competition bikini cut. Read on to discover them!

Our mission @Saleyla is to offer the best custom-fitted competition suits. We want to empower each of you by creating the perfect cut & style to enhance your physique.

Every year, we innovate and update our patterns according to all fitness competition trends.

We believe that digitizing our bikini patterns can be a great help to our clients.

Here is Why

👉 Flat pattern measurements

👉 Visualize the cut and make changes quickly

👉 Save your pattern/cut/style

👉 Print your pattern/cut/style at home

👉 Consult with your trainer/coach for the perfect cut


Let's start with Competition Bikini

We updated our front rise higher with 1 to 1 ½”. 

Front Rise

Free Bikini Front Rise Patterns here


Bikini Back Coverage

 Free Bikini Back Patterns here


Wellness Bikini

Front Rise

Free Wellness Front Rise Patterns here


Wellness Back Coverage

Free Wellness Back Coverage Patterns here


Figure Competition Suits

Front Rise

Free Figure Front Rise Pattern here

Figure Back Coverage

Free Figure Back Coverage Pattern here

Triangle Top

Free Triangle Tops Patterns here


If you are printing your pattern at home, the patterns are in finished size. You can download the PDF file, print it, cut it & see the exact fitting lines.

I hope this helps when ordering your custom competition suit, and our team is always here to help with any questions or concerns.

P.S. Saleyla patterns are protected by our trademark and are not to be used for commercial distribution.