Ready to trade treadmills for trophies? Because the 2024 bikini competition scene is hotter than a Las Vegas summer!

Nationwide, bikini competitors prep to showcase their sculpted dedication, and for those who crave glitz with their abs, Vegas divas!

This blog is your backstage pass to navigating the city's electrifying competitions.

So, let's explore our  Las Vegas bikini competitions schedule for 2024!

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of major bikini competitions across the USA in 2024.
  • Special focus on Las Vegas events.
  • Preparation resources and tips for participants.

Major Bikini Competitions in the USA

The world of bikini competitions is diverse and exciting. The NPC and IFBB Pro League lead the way with a series of events offering athletes a path from amateur to professional status. These organizations have set the standard for physique competitions worldwide, with events that are not just about fitness but also about artistry, presentation, and community.

NPC and IFBB Pro League 2024 Event Highlights

2024 is packed with events from the NPC and IFBB Pro League, each offering a unique platform for athletes. Key events include:

  • NPC Junior Nationals & IFBB Pro League World Classic Pro Bikini, June 21-22, Chattanooga, TN (More Information)​​.
  • Further events can be found on the NPC (NPC News Online)​​ and IFBB (IFBB Pro Contest Schedule)​​ schedules.


Bikini Competitions in Las Vegas 2024

Las Vegas, a city that shines in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, hosts several key bikini competitions.

Bikini Competitions 2024

NPC, IFBB and Natural Bikini Competitions in Las Vegas, 2024:


  • Saturday, February 17th: 2024 NPC/IFBB Legends Classic (location TBA)


  • Saturday, March 23rd: 2024 NPC/IFBB Pro League Sampson Showdown (location TBA)
  • Saturday, March 30th: 2024 NPC/IFBB Jay Cutler Desert Classic (Las Vegas Convention Center)


  • Saturday, May 4th: 2024 NPC Mother Lode (South Point Casino & Spa)
  • Friday, May 31st - Saturday, June 1st: 2024 NPC Nevada State Championships & IFBB Pro League Nevada State Championships (Alexis Park All Suite Resort)


  • Saturday, July 20th: 2024 NPC/IFBB Patriots Challenge (South Point Casino & Spa)
  • Friday, July 26th - Saturday, July 27th: 2024 NPC USA Championships (Westgate International Theater)


  • Saturday, August 10th: 2024 NPC/IFBB Pro Tahoe Show (Stateline, NV)
  • Saturday, August 24th: 2024 NPC/IFBB Sin City (South Point Casino & Spa)


  • Saturday, September 21st: 2024 NPC Ace Of Stage (South Point Casino & Spa)
  • Friday, September 28th - Saturday, September 29th: 2024 NPC/IFBB Pro Legion Sports Fest (Las Vegas Convention Center)


  • No confirmed Bikini competitions listed yet.


  • Friday, November 1st: 2024 NPC Natural City Of Lights (Clark County Fairgrounds)
  • Saturday, November 2nd: 2024 NPC Las Vegas Classic (South Point Casino & Spa)


  • No confirmed Bikini competitions listed yet.

Additional Resources:

Preparing for Your Bikini Competition

Success in bikini competitions requires rigorous training, a disciplined diet, and an understanding of judging criteria. Resources like the NPC Competitor Guidelines (NPC News Online)​​ and Florida NPC (Florida NPC)​​ offer valuable insights.

Check out our blog How to Train For Bikini Competition.

  • Success in bikini competitions requires meticulous preparation, which includes selecting the right competition bikini. For insights on choosing a bikini that complements your physique and adheres to competition standards, check out our guide on How to Choose Your Competition Bikini.

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