You've been dreaming about competing in fitness but don't know where to start. We'll share a few tips on how to choose your posing suit for bikini competitions & bodybuilding!

When choosing a competition wear, consider what kind of competition or contest you plan to compete in. 

For each fitness competition, they are several divisions that you can enter. This is important to know because the cuts of the bikini or men’s trunks for each division are slightly different.

Each organization has its own rules, like NPC, OCB, WBFF, IFBB, MUSCLE Contest, or any fitness contest. 

Divisions are:

~Women~                           ~ Men ~

Bodybuilding                               Bodybuilding

Women’s Physique                     Men’s Classic Physique

Bikini                                            Men’s Physique

Wellness Bikini


Once you choose your division and competition date, you can check the rules for the organization regarding your stagewear.

The basic requirements are:

  1. Two-piece swimsuit
  2. V-shaped
  3. No prints
  4. Not a thong style (but lately, it’s narrower at the back)

First-time fitness competitors often ask: “What color should I choose?”

We wrote a blog about 4 Most Popular Competition Bikini Colors

But, in simple words…


  • Choose deeper shade ( the stage lighting is very bright)
  • Bold colors that bring contrast to your tanned body
  • Stay away from neutral colors- such as white, silver, and light gold.

Lastly, this is your competition and your journey, and choosing the color of your suit is your choice. When you wear a super sparkling bikini on stage, any color would be breathtaking!


As we all know rules for men’s competition wear are posing shorts or posing trunks.


Men’s Classic Physique -  NPC Classic Physique Shorts in Black

Bodybuilding, Men's Physique

@vanillagorilla.junior wearing Gold Anaconda NPC Classic Physique Posing Trunks


And when it comes to the top or bottom styles,  you can always ask your coach for recommendations and your suit designer such as Saleyla.


Have fun competing, and don’t forget you’re already a winner!